Enforcement stages and costs explained

As from April 2014 new legislation has been introduced by the government which clearly defines the stages of enforcement and the costs associated with them.

The stages of Enforcement and the costs related to these stages are now defined within the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014.

*Please Note* the term Certificated Bailiff has now been replaced with Enforcement Agent.

Stage of process Action Fixed Fee Percentage fee
(over £1500 only)
Compliance Writing to inform you of the debt, requesting payment, issuing an enforcement notice. £75 0%
Enforcement Visiting your home or business premises to take control of goods, including everything involved in identifying, valuing and taking control of your belongings. £235 7.5%
Sale Removing and selling the belongings that were taken control of in the previous stage. £110 7.5%

Compliance stage: The Enforcement Agency will make every attempt to contact you in relation to your debt. They will use whatever means is available which may include writing letters, sending an email, telephoning or sending a text message. The options available will be dictated by the information held, however letters will be sent in every instance.

An Enforcement Agent (previously known as bailiff) will not visit your property during this stage. We must issue you a Notice of Enforcement during this stage and allow at least 7 clear days from the issue of the Notice before we visit.

Enforcement stage: The case will be referred to an Enforcement Agent when you have failed to contact us within the specified timescale or because you have defaulted on a payment arrangement.

This visit can have many resolutions; you may pay the debt in full, the Agent may enter into an agreement with you to pay the debt in instalments or he may 'Take control of goods' and attend to arrange for those goods to be removed.

Sale or disposal stage: This is the point at which goods are sent to auction with a view to selling the goods to cover the outstanding debt.

*Please note* the sale of your goods removed may not cover the outstanding debt.

The Enforcement Agent may also add/recover disbursements (charges) for locksmiths, storage, court fees and auction costs. In some cases exceptional disbursements may be added to the debt.

As the fees are prescribed under the above regulations, we are unable to reduce or cancel any charges raised.

*Please note* when any payment is made to the enforcement team all fees including auction fees and disbursements will be cleared first:


Original debt £500
Compliance fee £75
Total debt £575


Debtor pays £80
Total outstanding debt £575
Debtors payment -£80
Total outstanding £495

Only £5 has been taken off original debt.